This site is a work in progress

A few years back I thought it would be great to start sharing the great wealth of knowledge that I have gained over the years of being a Linux Server/System Administrator.  Many times I have researched how to complete a certain task, and many of the top-rated tutorials seemed to have it wrong, forcing me to review ten to twenty different tutorials just to find a way to proceed.  The “Goal” of this site is to help others avoid such a tedious task of having to spend extra hours sorting through the misinformation.  Instead of a text-based tutorial like most sites tend to provide, I am basing my tutorials on a curriculum based model, of course, free of charge.  Where you can watch each step being done in video form, showing you that the command that is needed, actually works.

As the title says this site is currently a work in progress as I try and get a few tutorials up and running.